ABLE Adventures


One Saturday a month S.O.S. will be replaced with ABLE Adventures. Registered participants will be serviced at a 1:3 staff-participant ratio from 9:30am - 6:30pm. ABLE Adventures will allow participants to go on outings that they otherwise would not be able to attend through ABLE due to time or travel. 

Participants attending ABLE Adventures will always work with our most trusted staff (and members of our management team, as often as possible). Focus areas during each adventure will highly focus on the development in the following areas: social skills, communication skills, safety awareness, community integration, exploration, direction following & daily hygiene. While bringing participants to new, fun and exciting environments, our overall goal through participation in this program is to encourage the development of healthy peer relationships, learn about and explore communities outside of Manitowoc, and to continue to work on individualized goals that are outlined in each child's Case Plan.